Order of St. George


Thank you for taking an interest in the Order of St. George. 

There are two methods of admittance into our Order.  The most common  is being nominated for membership from an existing Knight or Dame of our Order.   The other method is by a direct petition for membership from a member of the general public.  The following is some insight to the procedure in both of these scenarios.

In the former, the subject of membership will probably have already been discussed with you by one of our existing Knights or Dames.  That nominating person will have answered some of your questions and directed you to this website for further information.  At the same time, the nominator (with your permission of course) will have supplied the Grand Chancellor with your name and mailing address.  At this point, we will mail to you a package which contains further information as well as a petition document for your use, if you should decide to join us.  When the Grand Chancellor receives your completed 'petition for admission' and supporting documents, he will determine provisional approval of your petition. Once provisional approval is made by the Grand Chancellor, your file is then forwarded to the Grand Master for final approval. In the event of rejection, your fee of passage cheque is returned to you without any deductions.  After final approval, the Grand Master will communicate with you, informing you of your approval and provide you with full details concerning the next investiture ceremony.  This communication will provide you with everything you need to know including date, time, location, dress code, hotels, meals and guests, to name but a few.

In the latter,  it is rare but not totally uncommon for someone to be granted membership in our Order, who has not been sponsored through an existing Knight or Dame of our Order. The number of new Knights and Dames that can be Invested into Knighthood at any given Investiture ceremony is not limitless.  Priority is always of course given to individuals who are being referred.  In circumstances of high demand for membership, which has happened in previous years, we have conducted more than one Investiture ceremony in a calendar year.  If you are a person that fits into this category and would like to join our Order, we request that you follow the following procedure;  Please e-mail or mail to the Grand Chancellor (co-ordinates at the bottom of this page), a copy of your current curriculum vitae (CV), including a synopsis of your current and past charitable work in your community. Upon receipt of these items the Grand Chancellor will send you an information pack which will contain a petition for membership application.  On your completion of the application and funds, you are invited to mail it back to the Grand Chancellor and a letter of reference from three different prominent members of your community, who will attest to your community activities.     We are unable to accept nominations for a third party from members of the general public.  Nominations for a third party are only accepted from existing Knights or Dames.

One of the most difficult things we commonly need to explain to people, is that we are not a service club, in the same way as perhaps Rotary or Lions Clubs.  We do not meet each week or month.  Membership to the Order is a privilege and an honour.  The person who has nominated you has thought that the contribution you have made to either your community or to humanity, has warranted significant recognition.  We like to say that we are not a working Order, but rather an Order that does work.  The original Society founded in 1326 being a Royal military Order of Knighthood now operates with the principle objective of our fund raising activities, to provide immediate relief to the families of fallen or wounded service men and women serving in our armed forces.  Whereas we encourage and support any Knight or Dame who steps forward and wants to play an active role in our Order, we cannot emphasize enough that to be invited to join our Order should be considered a privilege and an honour. The only thing that is expected of you, is that you attend an annual Investiture Ceremony to support the new postulants entering The Order.  However, if you are the type of person who would like to be an active member, we have a number of tasks to be performed.  Our ranking structure reflects and awards by promotion, those individuals who would like to take a more active role within The Order.

Another common thought that some people have, is that they might feel themselves, that they are “not worthy enough” to accept recognition through membership with the Order.  The determination of your worthiness is in the eyes of the beholder.  Your worthiness is a judgment that is made by someone else, probably the individual who is nominating you.  The fact that you have been proposed is a recognition of your contribution to either your community or humanity in general.  Your proposed inclusion into The Order is a gift for the life works you have already achieved.

Finally,  when you become a fellow Knight or Dame,  you will have an opportunity to meet, socialize and network with many of the nation’s leading and other outstanding figures.  As a brother or sister in the Order,  you are sworn by oath to defend your fellow members of the Order as laid down in the original Laws of The Order in the year AD 1326.

Best wishes and we look forward to meeting you at the next Investiture Ceremony.

For more information email: info@orderstgeorge.ca