Order of St. George


The following chronology lists some notable dates and events relevant to the original Fraternal Society of St. George and other instances of the Knights or Orders of St. George appearing at different historical periods and in different countries typically as mutually independent bodies having nothing in common except for the veneration of St. George, the patron of knighthood.

Historical Significant Events

 Year Description
1201   Order of St. George of Alfama, Spain
1222   Council of Oxford ordained April 23 as St. George's Day
1326   Fraternal Society of St. George, Visegrád, Hungary
1369   Order of Montesa and St. George of Alfama, Spain
1390   Order of St. George, France
1468   Order of St. George of Carinthia and Austria
1498   Order of St. George in Rome
1534   Order of St. George in Ravenna
1769   Order of St. George, Defender of the Immaculate Conception of
   the Virgin, Bavaria
1769   Order of St. George the Triumphant in Russia
1819   Order of St. George of the Reunion

Note: To view a scholarly treatment of the details of the history of the Order which includes citations, references and illustrations of emblems, supporting the historical events, click "Chronology of Historical Events".

Recent Significant Events

2000   Captain Gareth J. Green, CD was invited to become a member of
   The International Knightly Order of Saint George of the UK.
2001   Captain Gareth J. Green, CD, was invested as a Knight of the
   Order of St. George
2002   The process of establising the Canadian Priory began
2003   The Canadian Priory is consecrated at Christ Church,
   Niagara Falls
2005   Toronto Priory formally inaugurated
2006   International Knightly Order of St. George officially registered
   as a charitable corporation
  The Chief Of The Defence Staff Military Families Fund
   adopted by the Order
2007   Presentation of first annual donation to the Military
   Family Fund
  Inaugural meeting of the Board of Trustees
2008   The Grand Priory of Canada and the Americas becomes independent
   from European Governance
  Inaugural and investiture of Wainwright-Alberta Commandery
  General Rick Hillier (Rtd) appointed Patron of the Order
2009   Commanderies for Windsor, Toronto, Niagara and Ottawa
   were established
  General Rick Hillier (Rtd) invested into the Order (September)
2010   General Lewis MacKenzie accepted to become the Vice Patron of the Order
   (Knighted in absentia, May 2010)
2011   Chevalier Gareth J. Green, KGCStG, CD was elevated to the position of
   Grand Master of the Order
  Major General Lewis W. MacKenzie, OC, CM, O Ont, MSC & Bar, CD (Rtd),
   KGCStG was officially invested into the Order
  Lieutenant General Andrew Brooke Leslie, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD, KCStG,
   was invested into the Order
2012   The Official Constitution defining Commanderies' administration, structure,
   operations and relationship to the Order was composed and approved
  The Order is awarded an official coat of arms grant from the Canadian
   Heraldic Authority, Ottawa, Canada
  Brigadier-General McLean K.E., CD, QHC. BA, MTH, DD, KGCStG,
   Chaplain General to the Canadian Forces was officially invested into the
   Order as Dean of the Order and member of the Governing Council
  The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay, PC, QC, MP, KGCStG, Minister of Defence
   was invested into the Order

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